Monday 28 March 2011

Make Your Photos Look Like Paintings

Thank you to Jessica from How About Orange for her recent post on Psykopaint, a pretty amazing website that lets you transform photos into paintings of a thousand various styles. You can upload your pics in no time, choose tools from a plethora of different brushes and techniques, and when you are finished, your artwork can easily be saved to your computer. Isn't the internet amazing? I can see myself spending hours pretending that I am a painter!

Here is what I did on my first visit:

Seurat Inspired Eggs

 Colourburst Rockies

 Realistic Graffiti

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  1. I love the colourburst Rockies one. It looks like it a real painting. x

  2. @Vicky

    Have you tried it with one of your pics? I really loved playing around with all the different features.

  3. I don't really enjoy picture editing, but that's pretty cool.


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