Thursday 3 March 2011

I'm In The Mood For Some Funnies

I'd like to share a few cartoons that Marco's and my friend Irene emailed yesterday:

The reasons why I need cheering up today:

1) I tried to make reservations at a very special restaurant, got through 15 minutes of redialling the busy reservations line, got put on hold for 10 minutes, got through to the reservations lady, only to be told they did not have a table for two left on my specified date, just one for a party of 6. Am I right in thinking that two people would comfortably fit at a table for 6?

2) I got my first ever negative feedback on eBay. Unexplained by the buyer. I hope I can sort that out. It feels crap to think somebody was not happy with what I did.

3) On my commute to work, a woman who was coughing really heavily sat down next to me on the tube. I felt sorry for her being sick, but did not appreciate being exposed to her germs.

I'll try to think of these things instead:

1) The primary school kids that passed me at the bus stop this morning, wearing wizard and witch costumes .

2) Knitting class tonight.

3) The cherry blossoms on my street that were coaxed into bloom during a very sunny day yesterday.

I hope you have a really good day today! x



I got this email. I'm so relieved! Bless! Plus: the sun's out. Who can be grumpy when the sun's out?!

Dear eBay Seller,


I am so sorry I am happy with the bag. That was small mishap, I left open my ebay feedback pages and my daugther has played with the stars.I am so sorry again.I am not practised ebayer Do you now any resolution for the mistake?

Best Regards

- eBay Buyer


  1. Cheer up buttercup :o)
    Clara is Sleeping Beauty today at school for World Book Day! It was Winnie the Witch up until 5min before we had to leave this about being spontaneous!!
    Have fun tonight

  2. @bigbirdbaroness

    Ahhh! That explains the magic outfits! Can't I be a 4-year old again, just for one day?!

  3. Such a bummer... I am sorry you weren't having a good day. Thank goodness that Ebayer fixed things! And I love those cartoons! I cannot even decide which one is my favorite :) Thanks for the smiles.....


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