Wednesday 16 March 2011

What My Brother Did

Unfortunately, my brother could not be with us for my Opa's 81st. He works for the 25hours chain of design hotels and was busy helping out during the opening of their newest hotel in Vienna. You can watch this video that was shot for an Austrian TV channel, and the handsome guy at 1:42 and 1:44 is him!

The hotel is circus-themed, and its design plays with the dreams and sensations that you would experience inside a circus tent. The owner's describe it as "a place of surreal, surprising and sexy allure, where the fantastic and exotic delight."

The design concept was inspired by the idea that, just like a character in a circus, the hotel guest is always on the move, and by the fact that Vienna has a lively circus history, with the first fixed circus having opened there in 1808.

The interior designers combined original circus memorabilia from that era with custom-made furniture to capture the spirit of improvisation associated with the circus world.

Here are a few photos from their press pack:


Guess I know where I'll be staying should I ever need a place to sleep in Vienna! I really love the quirkiness and the attention to detail that is evident in all of their buildings and am proud of my brother for being involved in this venture.

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