Friday 1 July 2011

Happy Canada Day, Everybody!

Today is Canada Day! And everybody who knows me will also know that I like to think of myself as Canadian at heart. In fact, I do actually think that I must have lived in Canada in a former life. Otherwise I cannot explain the strange attraction I feel towards the True North. So, like every year on July 1st, I will proudly pretend to be Canadian today!

Every year, there is a big celebration in Trafalgar Square, with music, Timmy's donuts, sports displays, Canada Tourism stands, Poutine, and anything else that is Canadian.

The Canadian pub in Covent Garden, The Maple Leaf, will have its busiest day of the year.

Marco and I already started our celebrations on Monday, with a week of Canadian gigs. 

We saw The Barenaked Ladies at Koko.

Yesterday we sang along to Arcade Fire in Hyde Park.

And tonight, we will be treated to a free concert by Blue Rodeo.

Wishing all you Canadians out there a lovely day off! I wish I were you!

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  1. Have a great time celebrating Canada Day Annika! I'll be celebrating the American Independence day over the weekend in Naples. Not too many Canadians in my neck of the woods.


  2. Annika, I forgot to say, I tried to post a comment on the Pay it Forward post that you posted but it won't accept more comments. Is it closed? Because I wanted to participate too! Let me know! Cheers! xo


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