Monday 18 July 2011

Pinning For Glory

I am pretty sure I must be one of the last people writing a blog post about Pinterest, but here I go...

Pinterest is a website that lets you create mood boards of all the fantastic things you might find on the web. After you sign up for it, all you have to do is install a little widget in your browser's favourites bar and then you can move any photo you see on the web to a virtual pin board with a link back to where you found it.

I, for one, have boards for recipes, craft ideas, and books I'd like to read. Where I used to print stuff out or sent it to my own inbox for filing, I now have all my inspiration and to-dos in one convenient place.

 If you are signed up for Pinterest, you can also follow people 
whose boards you like and find inspiring. 

Or you can follow me!

Follow Me on Pinterest

What about you? Are you pinteresting yourself? Are you hooked? Have you never heard of it? How do you like to collect ideas?

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  1. I'm totally hooked, and now I'm going to follow you!


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