Tuesday 5 July 2011

Picture It In Cross Stitch

I recently came across the neat Picture It In Cross Stitch by Jo Verso. It's all about designing very personal heirloom cross stitch samplers that record your own family's history. 

The book is full of charts with different designs, from family homes to births and weddings, from people and occupations to pets and hobbies. Jo shares valuable tips on how to design your sampler, how to choose the materials, how to start stitching and how to frame what you accomplish. She also gives great instructions on how to develop your individual, unique motifs. All of this comes with beautiful examples of her own work. 

I think that all of Jo's designs are pretty cute. If you are into your cross stitching, this book will almost certainly inspire various projects and you will never run out of presents to give at that christening, house-warming, graduation or birthday. 

I bought my copy for £1.99 on eBay, and it's one from 1992. But you will also be able to get an updated version called Picture It In Cross Stitch Today at your book store of choice.


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  1. I love that on the family page, all little girls are presumed to be Brownies! Saying that I was a brownie and when *if* I learn to drive my girls can be brownies too!

  2. I haven't cross stitched since I was a little girl, I might have to give it another go!

  3. That is the book my used to move on from the brownie guide cross stitch. Great memories!

  4. Ooh-- I missed this post until today! I was just at a family reunion recently, and was thinking about starting some kind of family-themed sampler project. This is perfect inspiration for what I had in mind! Thanks for sharing! xo


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