Monday 4 July 2011

Some Snaps From Canada Day

 The Bro & I

Hey hey, we're the Mounties!

 I did not quite rise to the challenge of trying to paint tiny maple leaves on my fingers, so hearts it was!

 This is how close we were to purchasing poutine when we were first checking out the prices...

 This is how close we were when we started looking for the end of the line...
 And this is how far away we were from the poutine stall once we had found where the line-up ended...

Aiko was lucky. He chose Molson over Sleeman's and got awarded with this dorky awesome headband.

Finally, the poutine!

 How can something that looks so gross taste so delicious?!

Mike Myers had a short stint on stage.

It always amazes me how many Canadians seem to reside in London. It also amazes me that Marco seemed to have headband envy.

 Maple Leaf space boppers. Need to find some for next year!

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  1. Looks like you had a great day! Why didn't I think to have poutine???

  2. At first I thought you must have gone to Canada for the weekend until I spotted Nelsons column.

    Poutine sounds a little gross, Is it bisto type gravy or a special canadian gravy designed to go with cheese?


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