Tuesday 16 August 2011

An Instant Guestbook

Hello There! 

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Our guest book was probably one of my favourite details from our wedding. Well, apart from saying "I Do", mind you! Marco and I both really appreciate photography, and our guest book was all about taking pictures!  

Initially, I had looked into hiring a photo booth, but that turned out to be somewhat too expensive for our budget. I had bought an old Polaroid camera from eBay a while before the wedding, and that gave me the idea for a different kind of guest book that was more interactive than our guests just writing a proverb and signing their names in an actual book.

There were a few decorative vases with shrub-like branches dotted around our reception venue. We tied a lot of pretty ribbons around these twigs and arranged a little table with the Polaroid, a few film cartridges (also from eBay), some Sharpies, a bucket with clothes pegs and the following instructions:


I was really happy when I saw that the idea worked and our guests had loads of fun taking their pictures. They all live in an album now and are such a great reminder of all the lovely people who celebrated with us. I only wish Marco and I had remembered to take one of ourselves!



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  1. Those pictures look great! We're doing the same at our wedding, mainly as we don't want to have to pack a book to take to Australia, so we'll make the book when we get there.

  2. What a fab idea! I haven't seen this done before.

  3. You should become a professional wedding planner. x

  4. this is such an adorable idea!
    i wish i'd done something like this.


  5. What a cool idea! Need to remember that for my far-off wedding that stil lacks a groom!


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