Tuesday 2 August 2011

My Favourite Chicks.

This weekend is my hen-do anniversary. Almost as important as my wedding anniversary! I do make friends very slowly. I do not have bunches of girlfriends and I hardly hang out in a clique. The friends that I have, the ones that have stayed good friends over years, over distance and over bouts of non-communication, they are important to me! 

They, like Marco, are the family that I have chosen.

There is Christina, down-to-earth but bubbly mother of my goddaughter and her little sister, a friend of 20 years. 

There is Susanna, with a penchant for fantasy and a big, big heart. She was a workmate in Germany from 2000, but I have also lived and travelled with her over the years.

There is Ivonne, a fun and fearless gal which I met during my time as an au pair 14 years ago, who now lives in Australia.

There is Abigail, gorgeous mom to Sam and a wise and serene lady. I met her through work 7 years ago.

There is Tina, super intelligent and deadpan funny. I have know her since 6th grade. She now has a little boy, Linus.

There is Sarah, who I also met at work in 2004. A stylish, well-read and clever friend with a golden giggle.

There is stunning Gila, a smart person with a great voice and an even greater potential for love. Another workmate turned friend.

There is Eva, who is quick in thinking, petite in frame and feminist in beliefs. She moved to London the same year as I and we have had regular chatting sessions ever since.

There is Nicole, a very bright and gentle soul, who honoured me with her offer of friendship 11 years ago during our bookseller training.

There is Cecilia, kind and full of spirit, who lives for dance and laughter and love. I met her when I first moved to London. 

There is vivacious Saskia, who is beautiful and cheerful and talkative. I met her at the same time as Nicole and miss our coffee afternoon threesomes.

Not all of my hens could come to my hen-do, as not all of them live in the UK, but they were all an integral part of my life as a single girl. All but one were there to celebrate the wedding and all of them shall remain in my life as long as I can manage to keep them around!

As a little gift, I gave them all a tiny brass tin with a scroll. On the scroll I wrote a message to each of them, telling them why I love to have them as a friend. I put this in an envelope together with a small piece of costume jewellery that I had picked for each of the girls individually. I picked necklaces, bracelets, key chains and earrings. I wanted to give them something to remind them of our friendship when they wear it. 

I stamped the scroll and the envelope with bird motives (if not quite hens) and lettering and made sure to make some time to chat to each of the ladies when I gave them the present.


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  1. How sweet and thoughtful.
    Happy Heniversary. xx

  2. That is such an amazingly cute idea :) What a wonderful gift! They seem like such wonderful girls, and so lucky to have a friend like you! :)


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