Monday 15 August 2011

Get With The Programme

It's Monday and the last week of Wedding Month! Hope y'all had a good weekend! Just 6 more days and Marco and I will celebrate our first full year as husband and wife! Yay us! 

I have a few more wedding related posts planned for you, and then on Friday, I will share the love and host a little giveaway. I thought I'd better dangle this carrot in case you are getting slightly bored with my wedding self-indulgence!

I will start the week off with showing you what I did for reception programmes. I designed them in MS Word, using our stationary fonts, Home Sweet HomeGeorgia. I printed the front cover on label paper and stuck it to coloured A4 cardboard, which I had folded in half to make a booklet. I bound the cover and the pages with a selection of cheerful ribbons.

The programmes contained the order of events and the menu and were again written in both English and German. But in addition to the essential contents and for a bit of fun, I also included a little English-German love glossary to help with cross-cultural conversations and a crossword puzzle for which all the clues had something to do with Marco's and my relationship. For the latter, I used the demo version of Crossword Maker, a software that I found online. The first person who was going to fill it in completely was given a choice of dance with either the bride or the groom as a prize!

I scattered a few little pencils across each table for the guests to use for the crossword. I made these by gluing pretty craft paper around those little free pencils you can steal get given at IKEA. Easiest project ever!

We also included a little message to our guests, thanking them for their attendance.

As usual, click on the individual pictures for a better view!


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  1. you are so creative. and crafty. obviously i am new to your blog, but everything is just so FUN :)

  2. I LOVE the crossword puzzle! Your wedding month is making me wish I could do mine all over!!!

  3. Your ideas are darling! What a fun wedding. Love it...


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