Wednesday 21 September 2011

Boozy Tiramisu

This is a proper adult version of tiramisu. It's tiramisu how I like it. Soft and spongy and drenched in amaretto. If you are not so much of an amaretto fan, you could of course always use more of the coffee and less of the booze... 

My recipe is very easy to make. Not that tiramisu is overly complicated to begin with, but I don't dip the ladyfingers in coffee before layering them. I add the liquid after I've have laid out the biscuits in my chosen serving dish. It's all a lot less messy and frustrating that way. No mushy biscuits that come apart at the lightest of touches!


(serves 8)

Need To Have:

500g mascarpone
300ml double cream
70g caster sugar
200ml cold espresso
200ml amaretto
about 40 ladyfinger biscuits
50g milk chocolate
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder

Need To Do:

Whisk together the mascarpone, double cream and sugar until light and fluffy.

Combine espresso and amaretto.

In a large shallow serving dish (I used a ceramic casserole), lay out half of your ladyfingers. Carefully pour half of the coffee mix over the biscuits and let stand until they have soaked up most of the liquid.

Spread half of the mascarpone filling over the ladyfingers. Take care not to disturb the biscuit layer.

Grate the chocolate evenly over the mascarpone layer. This works best if you freeze the chocolate for a little while before handling it.

Add the next layer of ladyfingers. You should be able to use up all the remaining ones. Pour over the other half of the coffee and amaretto.

Spread the remaining mascarpone on top of this. Cover with cling film and put into your fridge for the flavours to infuse. Ideally the tiramisu should be left overnight.

Just before serving, dust the tiramisu with the cocoa.

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  1. desserts should always have booze in them!

  2. yummmmmeeeeee! a girlfriend of mine loves tiramisu soooo much, she just named her new-born baby girl -> TIRA!
    Visiting from WILW!

  3. oh. my. gosh.


    i love it.

    i had SO much of it in europe. some good, some not so good.

    i have never thought of making it myself.

    totally bookmarking this and i'm gonna do it!!

    what is double cream? same as heavy cream?
    caster sugar? same as granulated sugar? :)

    i need the american translation!

    i guess i am dumb, but i didn't even know it was amaretto in tiramisu. one of my favorite flavors - no wonder i love it so much.

  4. I LOVE tiramisu and this looks absolutely divine! It's actually on my goal list to learn to make it, so I think I might just do that with your recipe :)


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