Friday 16 September 2011

Fine Tuning: Gretchen Parlato & Alan Hampton - Still

Have a listen of this wonderful song by Gretchen Parlato
I am completely in love with her sweet, warm voice.

Even if you say goodbye.
Even if a dream may die.
Even when my life is through.
No matter what you say or do.

Even if it makes me cry.
Even if I don't know why.
Even when things fall apart.
Even if you break my heart.

Even when I feel alone.
Even if I had no home.
Till my fears have gone away.
Let it go and come what may.

Through my joy and through my pain.
Like the sun that follows rain.
No beginning and no end.
Love, so love comes back again.

I still love.


Have a wonderful weekend, folks! See you Monday.

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