Wednesday 14 September 2011

Gifts In A Jar

Hm. Yesterday: cupcakes. Today: muffins. You might start thinking I like cake.
Have you heard of Gifts In A Jar? Of course you have. No? Look here, here & here

Ever since I first laid eyes on this ingenious idea, I have been saying that one day I will make a gift mix for somebody. Hasn't happened yet. However, somebody gave me one! That's a better scenario altogether!

My friend Susan made this Cranberry Muffin mix for me:

She printed out a card with the required additional ingredients and attached it to the jar:

All I had to do was add buttermilk, butter and 2 eggs in order to make a plate of yummy muffins within the half hour!

They were super-moist and delicious. 

Susan, if you are reading this, be prepared to be pestered for the complete recipe!

Has anybody else ever made a gift in a jar for somebody or received one?

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  1. what a cute idea for a gift. love it!

    ps. and i also want the complete recipe :)

  2. hmmmh... and a lovely idea!;)
    Ich wünsch dir eine gute Reise und hoffe dass du jemanden gefunden hast, der deinen Blog hütet?


  3. I made some of these for gifts a couple of years ago, for Christmas and people loved them! They are great gifts.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!!

  4. I did this for the girls christmas fair, for the jar tombola. Worked out well for the school, because when the kid one a jar of cookie mix they wanted another go to get a jar of sweets. Kids and their desire for instant gratification!

  5. what a darling idea, i love it!!


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