Thursday 29 September 2011

Guest Post - Jessi from Sparrows & Arrows

Jessi is one half of Sparrows and Arrows and hails from Canada. Together with her friend Cassie, she blogs about life, knitting, home improvement, favourite design finds, recipes and Harry Potter...  And she's my only "official" blog friend. :o)

Today, Jessi was kind enough to share some of her travel experiences with us. Take it away, Girl!


Hello everyone! My name is Jessi and I blog over at Sparrows and Arrows.

Since Annika is traveling right now I will talk about that. It's one of my favorite things to do and though I haven't left North America yet, I will someday see the world. :) 

Trying to pick my favorite place is hard - I've loved everywhere I have been. 

New York City

I love NYC because it was busy and full of life, and every where you look are things you recognize from TV or movies. 

Boston is stunning in the fall and there is nothing like being in Salem at Halloween. 

Pacific Highway, California

San Francisco

And I won't even begin to list the things I loved about California (if you ever have the chance to drive the Pacific Coast Highway take it!).

Shediac, New Brunswick
I think what's so great about traveling, whether it's 1 hour away or you have to hop a plane, is a chance to experience something new, and that's what's my favorite part I think - not one particular place but the feeling of being somewhere new. 

I also love the process of researching a new place and mapping out what to see and planning. planning, planning! I know some like to just go without a plan, but I really think it's wise to have a general outline of what you want to accomplish, or you may find you ended up seeing nothing at all.

Washington DC
Some things I have learned in my limited travels:

get travel insurance - it's cheap and takes the worry of something happening of your shoulders.

budget for meals - if you aren't staying with family you will have to buy all your food, try and find a hotel with free continental breakfast, it will help alleviate some of the costs.

Travel with like minded people - if your a go, go, go type (like me!) you want to be with people who are the same way and are eager to see things too. It can also be hard to travel with people on different budget - the friend who has tons of money to spend or the opposite - has no money!

Book tickets and passes before you leave - having tickets to parks or tourist sites bought in advance leaves more spending money in your wallet :)

Carry maps - you will look like a tourist, but who cares! I find the Frommer's Top 10 books great - they have small fold up maps that come in really handy

Have an extra memory card & camera batteries - buying theme in touristy places is like triple the price! 

Thanks for having me guest post Annika! I hope your having a great trip, and to your readers get out there and see the world - My husband likes to say, "that you'll never regret going on trip, but you will regret not going"

> Jessi

(All Pictures - © Jessi)


Thanks, Jessi, for telling us about some of the places you've visited and about sharing your travelling tips. Reading your post gave me wanderlust, even though I am already on vacation at the moment!

I would love to go to California, especially San Francisco. I absolutely adore that photo you took of the ocean! One day...

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  1. Jessi, you may not have travelled out of North America but you sure have seen lots of it!


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