Friday 2 September 2011

Fine Tuning: Gold Panda - Marriage

Gosh, it's September! That means it is really fall now, isn't it? And that summer is over? Nevermind! Because fall is this somebody's favourite season!!!

In Germany, when the days get shorter and the evenings are dark and cool again, children in schools and nurseries will soon start crafting lanterns. Some time in October or November, there will then be a big procession through the local streets in which everybody carries their lantern on a long stick. There will be a marching band and special lantern songs, and most definitely bratwurst or pea soup after the walk is over. 

This video reminds me of that special time:

Hope you have a great first autumnal weekend!


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  1. That sounds like such an amazing tradition! Especially the pea soup and sausages after. I have never been to Germany but stuff like this makes me feel like I should totally go.


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