Tuesday 13 September 2011

Good Email Day

The second of September was a VERY good email day. I was kindly informed that I had won cupcakes!

The back story? Crumbs and Doilies is a London cupcakery and I found their website over a year ago when I was researching cake options for the wedding. And for over a year I had devotedly entered their monthly online cupcake naming competition.

You were shown a photo of a cool cupcake and then invited to baptize it. My monikers were usually really lame. Sometimes I could not even think of anything and refrained from submitting a name at all.

It all changed with this:

The dotty decoration reminded me of confetti, and well, cupcakes are confectionery, aren't they. Heureka! I suggested naming it Confettionery! And by Zeus, they liked the name! I got a mention on their blog and all! 

And then last Friday, I had my 36 mini cupcakes delivered to work. Dispatch even phoned up the office because the parcel was labeled 'Extremely Fragile' and our mail guy did not want to risk bringing it up 4 floors. So I went to the post room and, as they were curious, showed them what was in the box. I am amazed by how even big, strong man can get very excited at the sight of prettily decorated mini-cakes! Naturally, I let the mail guy and his colleague choose a cupcake each. The rest I shared with my workmates and I also took home a few for Marco to try.

What can I say about the cupcakes? They were super-cute to look at, what with all the kinds of different sprinkles (partly cow-shaped!!!) and coloured frosting. And they were YUMMY! A very fluffy cake with a light-as-a-feather buttercream frosting in vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavours. And at the mini-size, eating cupcakes feels dangerously like eating candy. I think I ate way too many in way too short a space of time!

Going forward, Crumbs and Doilies will unfortunately no longer run the naming competition. It's been replaced with an invent-a-flavour-contest that requires more creativity than I will ever muster! So I consider myself very lucky indeed to have been bestowed with my prize while I was able to compete!

By the way, I have recently also won a stamp, a headband and £10 in the lottery. I usually never win anything. My last win was a box of salted peanuts when I was about 12. With my current streak of luck, do you think I should start thinking big and try a casino? 

Just joking. 

Or should I?

And finally! Some gratuitous shots of my desk environment:

Clockwise from top left: my disgustingly filthy keyboard - my pens - my trophy for worst bowler - some printouts and photos

Do you and your workmates have a sweet tooth? Have you won anything recently? What do you have on your desk? Spill! (Not literally, though, you don't want your keyboard to start looking like mine!)

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  1. Congratulations, very very clever. Those look absolutely delicious. I think I am the only one in my work environment with a sweet tooth, which is probably for the best. Keeps them to a minimum.

  2. this might be the best contest to win EVER. that box of cupcakes is HUGE. oh my goodness!

    and your keyboard is AMAZING. i DO want mine to look like yours - where did you get it/how did you do it? :)

    and you are a fun cupcake namer! love it!


  3. Hi Annika,

    Congratulations on winning the competition and I'm so glad you enjoyed the cupcakes! Thanks so much for putting together such a great blog post on it!

    Lots of love and sprinkles,


  4. Hello Anikka,

    Just want to say thank you for visiting my blog. :) I also want to say congrats on winning those cupcakes. They look so delicious! I also want to say that I absolutely miss living in England. I want to go back so bad.

  5. Congratulations on your run of good luck. Cupcakes must be the ultimate prize, better than a win on the lottery!
    Love your keyboard keys... are they stickers?
    I need a worst bowler trophy, even the kids beat me!

  6. oh my gosh! Amazing! You're my new favourite cupcake celebrity! :D x

  7. That is an awesome name for that cupcake! And how cute are all the little ones you won? Congrats!


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