Friday 23 September 2011

Fine Tuning: Gonzales - Dot

Hello and Goodbye (for now)! 

Tomorrow, I am flying to Vancouver for just over two weeks, to catch up with Marco's family! 

I love that place, so I am quite stoked to get to spend time there again. It's only my third visit, but I really consider this beautiful city my home at heart. Can't wait to see the mountains on the drive from YVR and to have my first Timmy's donut!

I will be leaving my blog in good hands. I somehow convinced a few fabulous ladies to look after this space while I am gone and they have prepared some great guest posts. I might poke my head in once or twice, but I am happy to hand over the reigns to these girls for a few days.

Please make them feel welcome. I know you will! And if you are one of them: you have my utmost thanks! I felt all warm and fuzzy when y'all agreed to take care of All The Live Long Day for me. xooxooxo!

Let me leave you with a video of a Canadian artist today:

See you all soon, don't have too much fun without me!


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