Thursday 8 September 2011

A Cuppa Kim Mug Swap - What I Received

Remember I signed up for Kim's mug swap? I sent a Cath Kidston crush mug off to California, but I think it has not arrived yet. Fingers crossed for it making its way over the ocean safely!

Alas, last week I received my parcel of muggy goodness. It came FROM California, courtesy of Jamie from Back In Jamestown. This is what I found when I opened the package:

It contained a lovely retro soup cup and a lovely retro card. The mug came attached with quite the story. Here is what Jamie wrote:

I was really touched when I read what the mug had been through. And I am hoping that its previous owners were able to rebuild their house and their lives! You can read more on Jamie's time in New Orleans on her blog, and see photos of the house. I have actually been to New Orleans myself and have wonderful memories of a crazy and vibrant town, so I was saddened when the hurricane destroyed so much of the city.

I think I might try and see what tomato soup tastes like out of my new mug, but in the long run I would love to again plant some flowers in it, to remind me of where Jamie found it.

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  1. Congratulations:) for the cup and the headband:))
    Ich weiß leider nicht was mit deinem lieben Kommentar passiert ist?:( ich bin schon ganz verzweifelt und frag mich ob ich ihn in meinem Eifer gelöscht hab?? tut mir leid..nur dass du bescheid weißt. Vielleicht magst du dich nochmal kurz melden!:)

  2. What an amazing mug to receive!

  3. I'm so glad that this mug made it safely across the pond! I'm sorry you had to wait for so long! I also love the mug that you sent to my roommate!

    I know you will love this mug as much as I did :)

  4. hurray! i have to say i'm totally jealous that you were the recipient of this mug ;) i love the story. and love the mug.

    growing up my dad had two of these one in green and one in a similar color to that one - i remember when jamie originally found this i was so jealous!

    in fact a few weeks ago i was at her house and she had it out on the counter (to send to you) and i had forgotten about it and was like WHO does this belong to (i was totally going to steal it)

    glad you got it :)

    perfect soup mug for sure! (that's what we always had in ours)


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