Tuesday 6 December 2011

My Childhood Crush

I was never big on boy bands when I was a teen. New Kids On The Block left me cold. Nor did I ever like anyone from 21 Jump Street or the young Baywatch studs. Nope. When I was 13 through to 14, I had a major crush on Richard Dean Anderson. In his MacGyver persona. He was rugged, he was smart, he was cute. He was able to stop chemical leaks with a bar of chocolate. I was in love. I saw me and this 40-year-old man going places.

I religiously watched every episode and the worst thing my parents could do when I had misbehaved was put a TV ban on me. Here's the intro to the show, if you do not know what I am talking about. I can still hum the whole theme song...

I spent hours in the backyard, honing my wilderness skills and made my friends re-enact episodes with me. I also had a MacGyver scrapbook. Anything I could find on Ricky Dean (apparently his friends call him that) went in there. Do you see the white Nike hightops he's wearing? I had a pair, too!

I wrote a small biography from all the intelligence I had gathered. I especially liked the fact that the man had a dog called Whiskey and counted diving, ice hockey and motorbikes amongst his favourite pastimes. And that he was single! The massive age gap did not concern me at all. I am liberal like that.


I mean, would you look at that! Wearing a muscle shirt and a crooked smile. On the Harley with his tux. Playing the guitar and walking his dog. This is a man who's fit, fun and sensitive!

The pride of my collection was a photocopy of this article that a friend of mine had been given. It came from the States and was in English, and thus had an air of utmost authenticity. It explained all about the science facts behind the show, which I found fascinating. I spent a lot of time with a dictionary translating, so I could read it.

I also spend a really long time on a pencil drawing of this man's portrait, with one of my numerous MacGyver posters as a model. When I was done, I sent that to his contact address in LA. I was hoping Ricky Dean would see it, be amazed by my boundless talent and love for him and come visit me in Germany. Never happened. But I was sent this autograph card, which was kind of cool.

I meticulously assembled a log of all the shows, using cuttings from the TV guide. I also wrote in to the TV station, asking for a complete list of shows, which they actually supplied. I thought that was amazing. Did you know that a lot of the show was filmed in Vancouver? Yes, I guess I have come full circle on this...

After a while, I must have grown up a bit and started being more interested in real boys. But I truly think that Richard Dean Anderson was my first love. I credit him with my interest in DIY and my love of the outdoors and far-off places. And my family and husband are ever so grateful for the limitless tease-potential my affair of the heart has given them.

If you want to borrow my MacGyver box set you're out of luck. I am not sharing! But do tell me if you had any similar obsessions as a kid!



Dear Mr Anderson. 

If you're reading this. Is Whiskey still around? Did you ever see my drawing? Let's grab drinks some time, okay? For old times sakes. We could even talk Stargate if you wanted. Or General Hospital, if it can't be avoided... 


Your #1 Fan! 


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  1. Hilarious! I remember watching McGuyver with my Dad sometimes as a kid. Then he was on Stargate SG-1. I also hated NKOB. This is terrible to me now, but hey, I was probably 10-11, I hung out with a group of "tough" boys for a short time and we had a "We Hate KNOB" gang and we'd chase and pinch the girls on the playground. Kids.

  2. So, so funny. Joe keeps trying to tempt me into watching McGuyver and now I have the perfect excuse to give in, I must see what all the fuss is about! Aren't childhood crushes weird? My very first was Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. Good Lord.

  3. rotfl.. awesome!!
    i'm your first bloglovin' stalker!!


  4. Jeez! You weren't kidding when you said you had a "little" crush on ol' Ricky Dean!
    This post has made me giggle so much, because it is so true how girls get silly obessive crushes! Anyone for a restraining order?

  5. This is amazing, Annika! You were so thorough. And RDA is totally (still) swoonworthy.


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