Tuesday 13 December 2011

What's Not To Love: Handmade Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling. The actor. He loves you, Girl! He would never screw you over. Obviously he's a feminist, a lover of books (you can often meet him at the library), and has a keen interest in fonts and biostatistics. Plus he's Canadian. For real!

And did you know that on top of all this, wonderful Ryan is every crafty gal's dream companion? Meet Ashley from One In The Hand. Now meet her creation, Handmade Ryan Gosling!

I bumped into handmade Ryan when Fourteen Countess tweeted about him, and now I'm in love. He cracks me up big time!

I could not resist creating my own perfect Ryan:

You see, that's what he's like. Check him out

Thank you, Ashley, for giving the handmade community a place to go in those times when friends, other halves, housemates and maybe even we crafty girls ourselves despair. Oh, and thank YOU, Ryan!

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  1. This is so sweet! And - score - I didn't know about the exboyfriend Ryan tumblr. I wonder if it takes submissions? I can see that one taking OFF.


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