Thursday 29 December 2011

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - Extended


Hello again, Swappers.

Hope everybody had a good time over the Holidays! As some of you had still not received their recipes after Christmas, we just wanted to let you know that there will be another chance to link up your cooking adventures in the new year, so that nobody needs to miss out due to slow mail. Please, please let us know if you are still waiting, we'd love to sort the situation out for you!

All you recipe senders: if you have not heard back from your partners, would you do us a terribly nice favour and follow up with them? In case anybody's mail got lost in a flurry of Christmas deliveries, maybe you could email your recipe instead, so that there is at least something to work with? That would be fab! Thanks for being great and so patient! 

All the non-swappers who come hear to read: sorry it's been quiet, but I've been busy Christmassing... I'll be back for your enjoyment in the new year, okay?

Love to everyone!

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  1. I am pretty sure mine will be there soon! I posted it on the 5th December! (to Canada. That is a hint.)


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