Friday 20 January 2012

Fine Tuning: Andrew Bird - Lull

And I DO think this song is about me.


Being alone, it can be quite romantic,
like Jacques Cousteau underneath the Atlantic.

A fantastic voyage to parts unknown,
going to depths where the sun's never shone
and I fascinate myself all alone.

So I go a little overboard, but hang on to the hull
while I'm airbrushing fantasy art on a life that's really kind of dull.

Oh, I'm in a lull.

I'm all for moderation, but sometimes it seems
moderation itself is a kind of extreme.

So I joined the congregation, I joined the softball team.
Went in for my confirmation where incense looks like steam.
I start conjugating proverbs where once there were nouns.
This whole damn rhyme scheme's starting to get me down.

Oh, I'm in a lull.

I'm rambling on rather self-consciously while I'm stirring these condiments into my tea.
And I think: I'm so lame, I bet I think this song’s about me.

Don't I?

I think I'm in a lull.


Have a good weekend, All.


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  1. Hey I just read your life's to-do-list and I can certainly help you to achieve three of your merits: I can teach you to sew and make a quilt, and I can teach you to knit. How's about it? Am thinking of setting up a stitch and bitch knitting get together in Walthamstow too, up for it?


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