Monday 9 January 2012

Vancouver - Food

I hope you have eaten, because these photos make me hungry every time I look at them! One of the things that I most look forward to when I'm going to Vancouver is the food! That's in addition to hanging out with Marco's folk, the fresh air and the beautiful scenery, obviously! During our last visit we had quite a few family lunches and a big Thanksgiving dinner. On top of that, we went out to eat a lot, too.

There are many markets that offer fresh produce, giant Chinese grocery stores where you can buy life sea food, plus health food stores and cupcakeries. Every supermarket has bulk bins filled with everything from rice to gum drops. The quality of the fruit and veg that you can get is so much better than here in Britain. I already told you about La Casa Gelato, and what better way than trying 218 different flavours of ice cream could there be for enticing your taste buds?! You can find traditional diners, cool coffee shops (Vancouverites LOVE coffee!), Italian family restaurants and Pho kitchens, vegan eateries and Haute Cuisine. Whether you want junk or high class, you got it.

One of the most popular fast food joints is Tim Horton's, who are famous for their doughnuts. I cannot count the times that Marco and I have stopped at a branch after a day out, to get a Boston Cream and a coffee. There is a branch of diner chain White Spot that serves you your food in the parking lot, with the tray suspended from the rolled down car window. Apart from the big shots, there are many great small ventures, as well. There are root beer floats and huge plates of nachos and Poutine and pancakes and Eggs Benedict. And maple syrup, of course! 

What I like most is the great variety of Asian food available. What with the Pacific on the doorstep, the sushi can be delicious even at hole-in-the-wall type restaurants, and we go for at least one all-you-can-eat sushi pig-out fest every time we visit. In October we also tried Dim Sum and I loved it!

I hope you will enjoy this very small glimpse into what Vancouver has to offer for the serious eater. 

Bon appétit!


{Various Shops & Bars On Denman Street}


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  1. Wow! So much food- it does make me hungry. It all looks fabulous!

  2. What fun shots! Just found your blog and love it...great eye candy!

    Hungry now...

  3. CRACK! Do you hear that? That is my new years resolution to eat less breaking! First you put up photos of all that lovely asian food, then you go and show donoughts and caramel apples... what are you trying to do to me? Lol.

  4. I have never heard of White Spot?! Must be a West Coast thing!

  5. I just ate, but these captures still make me hungry! What fun shots! Did you come back from that trip with a few extra pounds? And I don't mean in your suitcase! I know I would have :)

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sushi and aaaahhhh angry birds!


  7. We went to Montreal in June and we loved the food as well, although there wasn't as much Asian food. We found lots of intriguing shops and restaurants whilst we were there. Tim Hortons, definitely a good find!

  8. aawww I'm just reading this during late night, and definitely feeling the need for supper now! I love sushi!!!


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