Thursday 26 January 2012

My blog is versatile. Can't say fairer than that.

Shanna from Existing's Tricky recently bestowed me with The Versatile Blogger Award! I am feeling quite honoured by this, well, honour! Especially seeing as Shanna does not just maintain a single blog, but is the owner of a whole six! She loves to read and writes articles for Squidoo. She also used to play the piano competitively and is a great advocate of self-love and well-being. Altogether, she is way more versatile than I can ever dream of being! Thank you very much, Shanna, for thinking of All The Live Long Day when passing on the award! I always really enjoy your comments and am glad that you like coming over here!

Part of the deal that comes with the award is that the recipient shall share 7 things about themselves. So here are my seven:

1)  If I could live in any kind of dwelling, I would probably choose a lighthouse.

2) I have been trying to teach myself to sleep on my back, because apparently that saves your face from wrinkles. I have not been very successful. I am quite dedicated to the foetal position.

3) I nearly drowned as a little girl. I rode my bike into a canal. And even though I could ride a bike, I did not know how to swim. My Papa saved my life. He jumped after me and was even able to retrieve the bike!

4) My first pet was a guinea pig called Berlioz.

5) I re-read my favourite books and re-watch my favourite movies every once in a while. Because I like them so much, they never grow old for me. And I have learnt that a story can be perceived a little differently each time, depending on where you are in life.

6) Even though I make it a point to be accepting and loving to all food, I really don't like celeriac.

7) I was once interviewed for a radio show.

Now you know a little bit more about me! Instead of passing this award on to 15 other bloggers (sorry for breaking the rules here!), I'd like to ask you to check out Shanna's own seven things and her blogs:

And finally, why don't you guys leave a comment with a link to a blog that you enjoy to read? That way we can all share some love! Thank you kindly, have a nice day!

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  1. Wow, thank you! What a beautiful write-up, I'm honored.

    So, what are some of your favorite books/movies?

    I re-read Time Traveler's Wife, Good Omens, The Wizard of Oz and Narnia Series, Pride and Prejudice and I few others. Movie wise, Princess Bride, Willow, Neverending Story, have always been my faves. Plus, Pride and Prejudice, the Anne of Green Gables/Avolea series and SyFy did an awesome Alice based on Alice in Wonderland.

  2. I love these awards mostly thanks to the random facts that people share, they're so fun to read. Okay, the almost drowning part-not so much :)

  3. Congratulations Annika!!
    This is truly well-deserved.

  4. Drowning is like my biggest fear!! so scary


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