Wednesday 18 January 2012

Warm In My Heart When I Think Of Winter

Winter for me is a beautiful season. None other out of the four lets me revel so much in contrast. Intense sunshine in an icy blue sky. The crisp crackle of frost underfoot while walking wrapped in a soft, soft scarf. Grey winds outside my window, and glowing embers inside the fireplace. Only this winter has been uncommonly warm. Temperatures hardly dipped below 10° Celsius. 

Last weekend brought a welcome change and we finally had some colder weather. On Saturday morning, I woke up to sun and hoar frost. Every single leaf in my garden was covered in brittle ice crystals. A few hours of delicate beauty before the golden rays got their way.


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  1. These pictures are so beautiful! It is nuts that roses are blooming in January.

  2. Wow! Those pictures look unreal. Gorgeous. Yay for winter!

  3. Those photos are amazing!! Especially the roses!! :)

    I wish we had snow in the winter time, we only get rain :(

    Ngaio May xx

  4. Meine Lieblingsjahreszeit ist sicher der Herbst und den Frühling mag ich auch sehr, aber wenn ich so deine Fotos sehe..wunderschön! gefrostete Röschen...das hat was;)
    Ich freu mich immer über deine e-mail-Antworten:))

  5. Love the shots, Annika! We hardly ever get a real winter here in E. Texas (and especially this's been CRAZY warm), but I, too, enjoy good contrast, and these pics it in spades. Very pretty!


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