Wednesday 4 January 2012

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - Link Up Until The End of January

Alright, Winter Warmer Recipe Folk.

This is important. As I mentioned before, not everybody has received their recipes yet, which may be partly due to the postal service going mental in the run-up to Christmas. So here's the deal: the opportunity to link up you swap posts is now open till the end of this month. Link below if you have written about the swap and would like to be included in a round-up post in February.

If you have not received any mail, please let Fiona and me know at If we don't know, we cannot do anything towards sorting out the situation! If you have sent your recipe but have not heard back from your swap partner, please contact them through email or their blog to ask if everything is fine and dandy at their end. If your letter got lost, maybe you could send them the recipe in an email, so that everybody can still take part. Won't be ideal, but sugar happens...

Please be gentle with us, as this is both Fiona's and my first swap, and we would love for everybody to be happy in the end!

I will keep the button open in my sidebar and if you click on it any time during January, it will take you to the link list, okay? You can also link up here at Fiona's blog. Fingers crossed for everybody to finally get cooking and baking as they should!

Lots of Love,

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