Tuesday 17 January 2012

Yay! I have a cross stitch iPhone case!

I mentioned before that my ├╝ber-generous husband gifted me an iPhone for Christmas. It would not be completely wrong to say that one of the reasons I was coveting one was so that I could get a cross stitch case for it. I had seen some very cool designs before (I liked this one, this one, and this one) and I was on the internet like a flash to order one for myself. 

It came ready with a few stitching charts and several colours of embroidery thread, but I decided to go with my own design. I chose me some matching colours from my thread stash and stitched a simple red heart on a background of multi-coloured stripes. The heart is a bit of a trademark of mine and the colours are some of my favourites. I really like how the case turned out. It even looks somewhat neat from the inside, which reminds me of chromosome code.

The only downsides to the case are that the rubber stretched a little bit while I was stitching and that the cotton now takes on the smell of my hands... The other day I was wondering were the garlic odour in the office came from until I realized I had used the phone to take a photo of my dinner the night before, for which I had minced garlic! Hm.
To make my design, I used 3 strands each of DMC shades 321, 413 3685, 646, 898, and 3345, plus Anchor shade 170 in addition to the yellow, blue and black thread that came with the case. 

I am now thinking of ordering a few more cases in different colours, just to have a bit more choice. I think it would be nice to be able to match my new obsession phone with my moods!


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  1. These phone cases alone would make me want an iPhone! I need to source myself a HTC version of these cases. Pretty stitching lady! x

  2. Wow so cute! I love my Iphone, and would not be without it now. I am almost jealous at the beginning of your love affair with it!

  3. Are you sure your husband knew what he was letting himself in for?

  4. So great!! I love the colours you choose

  5. As soon as I read that you got an iphone, I wondered how long it would be before the cross stitch case would make an apperance! x


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