Friday 17 June 2011

Beautiful Vancouver

Let me share this video that Nova posted on Four-Eyes Rella. She also wrote a good article about the day that the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup final. 

There's not much I can say about all of this, except that it makes me sad.


You can find more thoughts on the riot here.


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  1. It’s scary and frightening how people can react when a team wins or loses a big game. It’s just sports! I hope every fan who caused all of that property damage is held civilly and criminally liable. The courts must send a message that violence can’t be tolerated.

  2. this makes me SO sad. It hurt my heart to see the city I love so much being desecrated this way. the young people they're arresting aren't even from Van, mostly from the surrounding suburbs. Disgusting. I was GLUED to the news while this was happening.

  3. While I am a Bruins fan and I'm extremely happy they won, this is just heartbreaking. At this point, I think, it is way more than just a game. I'm sorry that a small group of people's actions took over for all the Canadian fans.


  4. I know what sports fan can be like....hence, I'm not a fan generally of most sports. Canadians are huge hockey fans, like Europeans are big football fans and ice hockey is known for its violence...unfortunately, players have become crippled because of the violence on the ice. What can I say? I'm from Vancouver and it's sad that people can't be good sports about losing.


  5. The whole thing was just ridiculous! But I love love LOVE that you linked to Matt Good's post. ♥

  6. so unnecessary - Yet we stand back and do nothing to our government.... priorities canada!!


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