Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Work It, Girl!

This week, my friend Abi will be going back to work after her time off on maternity leave. To make the return to the grind a bit easier on her, I thought I'd give her welcome-back-to-being-a-working-girl gift. It included a kick-ass shade of nail polish, a magazine to get her through rush hour on the tube, some all-important coffee funds, pretty post-its for her new desk, and a bag of Maltesers to help with the afternoon munchies. I also made her a travel card holder and a bookmark with a photo of her son. 

How ever much I wish that Abi could stay home full-time with her boy, I also very selfishly love that she is back in town - and working near me again! I really missed my go-to lunch buddy! 


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  1. That is really thoughtful. You are a great friend. x


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