Monday 6 June 2011

Raising For Daisy

I read about this cute but very sick cat today and was moved to post about her:

Daisy (owned by Zoe from A Giraffe In A Scarf) got into trouble when she played with and then swallowed a piece of string from one of Zoe's sewing project. Zoe was not aware this had happened and when her cat started throwing up and was seen by the vet, she was told that the string had punctured Daisy's intestine. The poor kitten had to have surgery and now Zoe and her man are faced with high vet bills and days of not knowing if Daisy will recover.

In order to raise money to pay for the bills, Zoe is having a sale in her Etsy shop (use coupon code DAISY for 30% off) and has also set up a website for donations. But she is not simply asking for your money: $5 will gain you entry into a raffle for the chance to win some awesome crafty items. Zoe is also looking for people who might like to donate a prize.

Even if you cannot donate anything, I just want you to be aware that stray threads can be dangerous if you have pets. I know I will make sure to clean up after myself thoroughly from now on!

And although taking out pet insurance may seem like a step too far for 'just a cat/a dog/a parrot', you will be grateful you did if your animal friends ever get really sick. If it's available in your country, find an insurance with a policy that will cover any vet bills. Otherwise you may be faced with the choice of having to come up with a lot of money to make your pet better or having them put to sleep.

A Giraffe in a Scarf

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  1. Thank you so much for the Daisy link love, and for creating awareness about the danger of string.


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