Tuesday 14 June 2011

Pictures In The Park Or: Brunching With The Stars

Last weekend was a weekend of girlfriend goodness. Friday night I met with my classy friend Gila at the Tate Modern for a good chat, yummy food & wine and some MiróAnd on Saturday I hooked up with another friend, gorgeous Abi and her equally gorgeous little one-year old, Sam. I had somehow convinced them to be models for me, so that I could practice taking photos of people. You can see some of the outcome below. 

After our photo session in the park, Abi took me out for brunch at The Haberdashery, a little café she had been telling me about for a while. We sat down in a charming environment of whimsy, bunting & vintage teacups and ordered our Eggs Benedict. While we're happily eating and talking, the café owner is having a chat with somebody behind me, about the art that is displayed on the walls. I look around to be able to see those prints for myself, and guess who is the chattee?! Mr Tumnus! Robbie Turner! Charles Xavier! The star! Whatever you may want to call him, he just sat there, like us other non-Golden-Globe-nominated people without BAFTAssharing the table with his little baby.

Oh, and the Bennies WERE delicious. As was the freshly pressed apple-and-ginger juice and the blackberry muffin! Your food is served on mismatched china and your drinks in jam jars, if you're lucky. There is a vintage & craft fair once a month. Plus, Kirstie has been to The Haberdashery, too! And Kirstie does know best! I will definitely be back, maybe to try their thick Italian hot chocolate or one of the many cakes on offer. Even if you aren't able to brush shoulders with any celebrities, this is the place to be!

And now for the cute toddler:



On a completely unrelated note: 

This morning I'm getting on the tube. A woman who is also getting on the tube spots that I have spotted a seat. I am closer to the seat, but the woman actually starts running to get to it first. She does. I ask her if she is kidding. She is not. She sits down. I wish her a lovely journey. And go look for a seat in the next carriage. Public transport, eh?! It brings out the worst (rarely the best) in people.


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  1. Aww cute photos!

  2. 1. Lovely photos.
    2. I hope you remained dignified in the presence of Bafta winning Mr McAvoy.
    3. Seriously, she ran? the tube sounds like a vicious place to be.

  3. I am so jealous you were in James' presence. Is he totally dreamy? I bet he is. ;)


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