Thursday 30 June 2011

Photo Bookmark Tutorial

I thought I would try and write a tutorial for a photo book mark like the one I gave my friend last week. If anybody tries to make one, please let me know if the instructions were easy to follow or what I could do better next time. Or if you read through it and think that something is not clear to understand, give me a shout. Cheers!

You Will Need:

a large photo
some pretty paper
a cutting mat
craft knife
double sided tape
self-adhesive clear plastic foil
a ruler
eyelet setter

First, cut your photo to the size and shape you want your bookmark to be. You can make it oval, round the edges, use a punch to make a decorative border, anything goes.

Then cut a piece of your pretty paper to a size slightly larger than the bookmark. This will become the back. If your edges are an uneven pattern, you might want to cut the photo and the paper the same size and at the same time, to achieve an even fit.

Run two strips of double sided tape down the back of your photo, one down each long side. Peel off the covering and attach the paper.

Trim the overhang.

Cut to pieces of self-adhesive clear plastic foil to a size slighlty larger than your bookmark.

Remove the backing and smooth the foil over the photo carefylly, from top to bottom. Do this slowly and press the foil down with your fingers bit by bit to avoid any creases or air bubbles.

Use the backing of the foil or a soft cloth to smooth down the foil after it is fully attached.

Repeat for the other side.

When both sides of the bookmark are covered with the foil, go around the edges and make sure the two layers of foil adhere properly to each other, pushing down with the tip of your finger.

Use the knife to trim the foil neatly all around the bookmark, leaving a slight overhang.

Use your eyelet tool to punch a hole and set the eyelet for the ribbon. You could also simply use a hole punch and omit the metal eyelet.

Attach the ribbon. Done.

Here's another bookmark that I made Marco for Christmas last year, using one of our wedding photos.


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