Friday 10 June 2011

Fine Tuning: Psapp - The Monster Song

Look out the door,
that's what it's for,
and tell me what do you see?

I do believe
that through the trees
there's something hiding from me.

The window's wide.
It climbs inside, 
but I don't hear it creeping.

I know its plan.
Because it can,
it gets me while I'm sleeping.

Oh, and it's happening again.
It is laughing in the rain.
When it gets me I will
never be the same.

Come out the dark
and join the march
and we'll taste victory, I know.

And through the crowds
and bustling sounds
there's something waiting for me.

It wears disguise,
a faint surprise, 
though I can see its yellow eyes

Oh, I can hear it as it comes.
And it wants to taste my blood.
We're already lost, my love,
we'll never be the same

An open gate will close at eight.
I'll bolt the door and pace the floor.

I still believe
behind the leaves
there's something waiting for me.

A rising fear
tells me it's near
and I'm about to be consumed.

The monster looms
and soon I know I will be
dead and gone.

Oh, and it's happening again.
And I do not like this pain.

Now it's got me, I will never be the same.

You know, I like to go for familiar feelings.
And when they show, they only grow,
I can't hide their meanings.


Have a beautiful weekend, people! No monsters allowed!


  1. Hello Annika:
    Spare us from the Monsters!! What a wonderfully amusing and entertaining video clip - the perfect way to start the weekend!

    We do hope that you are going to have a lovely one.

  2. Hello darling!
    Thanks sooo much for your warm welcome back :)
    Hope to show you soon my wedding's photos!


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