Monday 21 November 2011

Gone Fishing

This post contains images of butchery, a dead fish and me in a red baseball cap. 

If you're squeamish in that regard, you might not want to look at the photos. 

And if you are thinking it was me who caught the fish: I should be so lucky! 

(I did, however, willingly put that cap on my head.)


I am slowly getting through all the photos from my trip to Canada in October and today I give you salmon fishing! Much to the astonishment of my husband (who couldn't care less about fishing), I requested that my dad-in-law Butch take me out to his favourite fishing spot. I had been fishing twice before and had enjoyed it very much. Spending some time outdoors with the prospect of catching food is enticing to me. And the tackle? My is that ever pretty! 

So I borrowed my brother-in-law's fishing rod (thanks, Giulio!), we packed a lunch and headed off at the break of dawn one morning, in the direction of the river Vedder. Much to my astonishment, Marco tagged along and took all of the photos with me in it.

It was the end of the salmon run, and the river was full of fish and anglers. We were, however, trying our luck quite late in the season. After the fish lay their eggs, they slowly begin to decay and die. Consequently, there were some beautiful salmon, but a great many fish that would be unsuitable for consumption when caught. Well, lucky me. I didn't catch any. 

I snagged a whole bunch, as the salmon were swimming (and undoubtedly laughing) all around us. Even though Butch was wonderfully patient with me and pretty much spent the whole time teaching me how to fish, no salmon whatsoever would go for my hook. But hey, I am a proud owner of an annual fishing license now, so I can always try again... 

Butch caught one Pink salmon that we were able to take home with us. I did not mind not catching anything myself. I watched the sun rise. I spent a beautiful warm autumn day standing by in an idyllic river with two people I treasure. I was the only woman fishing, hear me roar. I learned how to cast a spinning reel. I flooded my boots and got the line tangled up in a tree (for an added air of hilarity). I did not have to knock a salmon over the head with a rock. So all good!


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  1. Working the red cap! Shame you didn't catch anything yourself, maybe you should claim that a bear stole all your fish. lol. x

  2. What a day well spent Annika! I love the photos you took, especially the one with the sun in the sky. It looks amazing! You look like a natural :-)). I've never been to this river in Chilliwack, although, I can say that my parents lived there for a few years while I was at University in Vancouver.

    p.s. I like the flower background to your blog! I can really see your personality in your blog now. I hope you're having a wonderful day!


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