Thursday 3 November 2011

Fine Tuning: Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl

Another early music post on a Thursday, because tomorrow I will have a surprise for you. All I can tell you right now is that it starts with an S... and ends in ...WAP. And that I am super-excited about it and hope you will be, too! 

But in the meantime, some vintage video viewing: he's been funny with the lines, but he is also prone to crash his guitar into mirrors. Is that why she's with Jessie instead?

Love the song, the video, the acting!


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  1. maybe shes with Jessie because he's a bit of wierd stalker!;o)
    (Logan has been giggling at me singing along!)

  2. I haven't heard that song in ages! And as for your was blooming tea from an Asian restaurant! So yummy. And that's cool you have Joe polish. I love that brand.


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