Wednesday 30 November 2011

I Like Looking Like Other People

I never understood how people can get upset and worked up over somebody else wearing the same outfit. I find it hilarious when it happens to me and I usually compliment the other person on their good taste.

Consequently, I love this new-to-me website, I Like Looking Like Other People. It's full of pictures of workmates & friends who found themselves in accidental matchy-matchy situations.

 All photos via I Like Looking Like Other People

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  1. I'm completely with you there! It really does make me laugh.

  2. oh, wie fein, ich sammel auch schon eine ganze weile fotos gleichangezogener menschen :-), müsst ich mal veröffentlichen irgendwann

  3. Ha ha. The guy in the 3rd photo looks far to pleased with himself, like he's some kind of stalker who hid in the girls garden that morning so that he could wear the same top as her. The girls looks sufficiently disturbed by him... she knows he's wierd!

  4. Those pics are hilarious! How funny that someone has taken the time to find them. I love it!

  5. This is great! I have a couple of coworkers who this happens to all the time. I shall have to forward on the site. :)


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