Thursday 10 November 2011

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - Inspiration


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Have you joined the Winter Warmer Recipe Swap that Fiona and I are organizing?  There are 8 days left before the sign-up deadline and I would love for you to take part! It's all about exchanging your well-loved recipes with other people who like to cook.

When you write down a recipe for somebody else, do you get all artistic? I for one always try and add some kind of doodle or a fancy font. I'm not in any way artistically inclined, but I like to personalize recipes that way.

There is an awesome website called They Draw And Cook. It is full of illustrated recipes that are very much artistic and I love to browse it just to look at the amazing designs.

I chose some of the images I found there to serve as inspiration for the swap. Of course you don't have to get fancy at all, a lovingly handwritten recipe is enough in itself, so let these awe but not intimidate you!

Adam James Turnbull
Kristen Nohe
Alison Berry
Jessica Barnes
Nate Padavick
Jackie Mancuso
Anne Lizotte
Adela Kang


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  1. Those illustrated recipes are just beautiful! I have only a couple of recipes that I follow. For shortcake and cupcakes. I tend to bake the same two things over and over again and find the whole process of eat and repeat really satisfying! Em x

  2. I love these pictures so much! Still not sure what I'm going to do for my recipe (depends slightly on my swap partner I guess), but these pics are so inspiring!

  3. My favourite ones: pavlova and super tomato soup!

  4. so cute! I am going to sign up now :)


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