Tuesday 8 November 2011

Vancouver - La Casa Gelato

One of my very favourite culinary spots in Vancouver is La Casa Gelato. As the name suggests, this shop deals in ice cream. In fact, it is a shrine to ice cream. It stocks exactly 218 different flavours of the cold stuff, to be precise. But they actually make more than 500.

You can get your old vanilla, chocolate or strawberry if you are more of an ice cream purist. If you are feeling slightly daring, you might decide to go with pumpkin cheesecake, black sesame or strawberry daiquiri. And for the outright adventurous there are flavours like wild fennel, pear & gorgonzola or curry.

And the best thing is that you get help deciding. Just approach one of the nice young people behind the counter, tell them what you like the look of and they will give you a bit on a taster spoon. To be repeated until you know what you want.

Once you have made your mind up, you buy a token at the till and trade it in for ice cream. Which you can have in a cup or a home-made waffle cone (dipped in chocolate and sprinkles, if your fancy ice cream deserves something flamboyant).

Even though La Casa Gelato is in slightly lonely location, I make a point of requesting a visit every time we are in town. It's a must for anybody like me, who counts ice cream as one of their main food groups!

They do ice cream cakes, too.

And chocolate dipped waffle sticks.

When we finally decided:

Mango Tamarind & White Chocolate Cherry for Marco. 
Chocolate Pernod & Chestnut Chocolate Chip for me.


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  1. I would be so excited if I went here! I love icecream! I think I would be a bit overwhelmed by all those flavours though.

  2. I am so incredibly jealous! What a great location - you might have to write up a Vancouver tour book in case I ever go there...

  3. Das ist ja einfach wahnsinn:)..da dürfte man mich nicht alleine hingehen lassen;)und ich denke ich hätte mich für White Chocolate Cherry & Chestnut Chocolate Chip entschieden :0)

  4. How amazing, I'm drooling now. Thanks for the comment over at mine. x

  5. Oh my goodness, I would be in Heaven here, Annika!
    I'd just be "tasting" all day!! :-)
    These are wonderful photographs.
    I love the sprinkles on the cones.

  6. So many choices. Radichio and balsamic sounds very interesting. x

  7. now I'm hungry! visiting you back from WILW!

  8. Good grief! That is a most amazing store. I want to visit Vancouver a whole lot, and even more so now that you've shared these photos! <3

  9. holy moly - wow. looks sooooo good. even though it's too cold for icecream now - that place looks delish. mmmmm...


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