Tuesday 22 November 2011

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - My Recipe Book


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By now, everybody has been assigned their partners for the Winter Warmer Recipe Swap. I would like to thank you again to all the lovely people who have signed up. I hope you are excited about where your recipe will be going and that you will have fun with this! 
If you would like to get some inspiration on what kind of recipe you could send to your swapping buddy, check out Fiona's food post. If you are feeling artsy, maybe you aspire to follow in the steps of these amazing recipe writers. Whatever you do, however simple or elaborate, please make sure to send your recipes by 2 December. And maybe start reading your partners' blogs to see what they might get up to in the kitchen department!
I am not yet decided on what recipe my partner will get, but I thought I'd share a few pages from my recipe collection with you. I have been keeping my favourite recipes in the same A4 notebook since I was about 13. It's falling apart, it's stained with unruly ingredients and it is no longer my only recipe collection (amongst others, I now also have a folder of internet printouts and various loose magazine clippings in various locations. Not to mention my personal cookery book library...). But this tatty volume is still the place that the family classics and more recent keepers get written down or pasted into. All the early recipes are in German, but since the year I lived in the States there has always been a mix of both German and English entries. This book has moved with me where ever I went and is full of foody memories.

The Cover

Fahrenheit to Celcius Conversion Formula

My first ever recipe in the collection, a lasagna that I found in 
a girly magazine and have cooked a gazillion times in the last 20 years.

Party recipes - the first one a tuna salad that I had at a friend's 
birthday celebration as a teen (her mom wrote it out for me). The 
second one a melon punch I made for another friend's apartment warming do.

The page with my chocolate mousse recipe. Guess what: I 
spilled chocolate mousse on it... I am not a clean cook.

These are recipes that my host family in the States would make.

Some recipes I liked as they were to begin with but started altering 
when I began imagining how they might taste even better, like this pasta dish.

That white chocolate mousse was dessert the first ever time 
I cooked for my husband Marco.

My recipe collection contains the beer bread that started as a clipping from Delicious 
magazine and became a staple. And my mom-in-law's delicious potato salad.

The Back.

So there you have it, a piece out of my culinary history. How about your own? How do you collect your recipes? Do you have recipes that have been passed on to you by your friends or family? Do your recipes come in various languages? Or do you not cook at all? If you like, upload your own images to the Winter Warmer Flickr Group and maybe we can get a full-flavoured discussion going? (Pun very much intended!)


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  1. I love this post! It is so beautiful. My grandpa had a box of recipe cards that he built up over his life (he was an awesome cook) and my mom has some of them now in her collection. There is something so special about handwritten recipes.

  2. I love your recipe book!How creative! I'm totally going to make my own.

  3. I love this! I totally agree that the recipes that have the most food splatters and spills are the best ones!


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