Thursday 24 November 2011

What do you like to eat in the morning?

This is how I roll: on the weekends, when there is time to sleep in and then have a long leisurely breakfast, I fancy variety. There may be a fry-up, or eggs Benedict, or pancakes, or waffles, or a smoothie, or fresh bread and jam. Anything that takes a bit of time to make and eat.... Anything that goes with the Sunday papers...

During the week, I am happy to have the same thing over and over again. I can say that I am pretty much a creature of habit, with slight seasonal changes. 

I try and be awake at 6 and leave the house at 7 to go to work and I need that hour to come to life. I am never interested in food that early in the morning, so I usually have the first meal of the day at my desk in the office. And in the cold season that meal mostly consists of the following:




I vary the porridge toppings. At the moment I am into dried cranberries, chopped hazelnuts and cinnamon. And I loved the blueberries, peanut butter and Bran Bud combo I had every day in Canada. (If anybody knows where I can get Bran Buds in the UK, please tell and make me worship you!). 

Sometimes, when I have failed to make up my porridge mix the night before, I will have a quick Nutella sandwich instead. In the summer I swap porridge for fruit salad and yoghurt and hot coffee for iced. And then I will have that every day. 

Would you get bored eating the same thing for breakfast 5 days a week or are you with me on that ? Do you skip breakfast altogether? What are your favourite morning foods? I'd love to know!


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  1. That porridge looks yummy! Every week day morning I have either plum tomatoes on toast or porridge (with soft brown sugar on top). Like you, I also like to have something different at the weekend, although the smell of boiling potatoes to make potato cakes first thing in the morning is very bizarre! Can't wait for the recipe swap either - eeeek!

  2. oh my, that looks delish. i am no morning person either so i can totally have the same thing for breakfast every day, too. i usually have either yoghurt with a berry mix and a couple tbs of oatmeal or just a cut up apple w/ oatmeal and milk. plus coffe, of course. no problem for me at all - as long as i plan ahead and have everything ready at the office. like you, i usually have breakfast at my desk while reading emails/blogs :) also, i could use a good porridge recipe (in german?) to try. what kind of oatmeal would i buy in germany for that?

  3. ps. just saw your merit badges and thought i'd share this: :)

  4. I am not a breakfast person at all usually, just coffee, but if I do eat it's late morning and over easy eggs bacon and home fries :)

  5. I know it's not good for me but my weekday breakfast is two cups of very strong coffee. That porridge looks great though!


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