Monday 28 November 2011

Winter Warmer Recipe Swap - Recipe Cards

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Today starts the countdown towards posting day for everybody's Winter Warmer Recipe Swap choices, which is on Friday. I must admit that I have been thinking a lot about recipes this last week, but have not yet made a decision on what to actually send. I just want the recipe to be something that my partner will hopefully enjoy! What about you other swappers? You all set?

Like I have mentioned before, I personally collect my recipes on whatever scraps of paper they come on and just paste them into my recipe book. But I know that a lot of you have proper recipe boxes with cards and indices and all. I did have a mosey around the internet to look at examples of recipes cards and came across a whole lot of lovely design-type people who are offering card templates for absolutely free. And seeing some of the designs kinda made me want to start my own box...

Here are my favourite finds. You can click on any image to be taken to the source. Make sure to leave a thank you in the designer's comments if you decide to print yourself a set!

I Heart Food from Scissors.Paper.Wok:

Bunting Cards from Heartmade:

Cross Stitch Design from Chez Sucre Chez:

Patterned Cards from Love Vs. Design (via How About Orange):

 Cute Owls from My Owl Barn:

Vintage Baking from My Girl Thursday:

For more inspiration, you can go look at Fiona's and my Recipe Cards Pinterest board if you like. You could also upload photos of your own collection to the Winter Warmers flickr group if you feel like sharing with the other swappers! Or, if you have a link to another cool recipe card printable, leave it in the comments below!


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  1. Such creativity!

    Congratulations! Your caption has been selected and is posted today!

  2. Ooooh I feel like posting day is creeping up on me! I know what I'm sending to my partner, just need to get it in hard copy and make it look pretty :)

    One question - do we let our partner know who sent them the recipe or is it a secret?!

  3. It's exciting! I was all planned for what recipe I was going to do but once I got my partners details I decided to change it all around. I've just got to put it all together and then I can send it off :-) I can't wait to get all this going!

  4. What cute cards! Just came over from Yes and Yes. Loving the blog.

    Maria xx


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