Tuesday 1 November 2011

What My Mother Did


My Mama sent me these photos last week. Apparently my parents have a glut of pears from their little tree in the front yard (I know that tree. It's small, but has been prolifically producing fruit every year.) And the pumpkins are from a farm that my Opa used to work at as a young man.

So apparently, my parents have been eating pears for months and my Mama has frozen a lot of fruit already and been making pumpkin bread, pear & mango jam, pear & pumpkin jam, pumpkin soup with rice and pear compote. Now she has run out of jars.

Right this moment, I wish I lived closer to home. I have tons of empty jam and conserve jars that I would happily trade for some pears and pumpkins. Or a harvest lunch.

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  1. Hello Annika
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!!
    Your carved pumpkins look great and I hope very scary at night:)
    - cheers from Canada.

  2. these are great pictures! i know what you mean about wishing you could be closer to home.



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